Scarlet Sails

Scarlet Sails

Radiator King, Magnolia Memoir

Fri · July 28, 2017

8:00 pm



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Scarlet Sails
Scarlet Sails
Olya Viglione could not have imagined that upon her first night arriving in New York City as a musically-inclined language student from Moscow that she would be courageously escaping the human trafficking underworld and fighting for her freedom. Much like the 1923 adventure novel by Alexander Grin from which the band takes its name, the story of Scarlet Sails is one of hard-won fulfillment, a steadfast belief in yourself, and fighting against all odds to turn dreams to reality.

On June 23rd 2013, Brian Viglione, drummer for The Dresden Dolls, Nine Inch Nails, Violent Femmes was front-row and among the packed audience at the Black Flag: “Barred For Life” Book Release Party on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. A chance encounter with Olya after the show resulted in a love-at-first sight alchemy which Brian describes as, “the clouds parting and sunshine bursting through the dark of the bar”. A six-week courtship began, thus gaining a mutual trust and sharing a deep passion for music from Otis Redding to Ravel. The pair bonded further when they began working on Olya’s original material that fall, and soon married in March of 2014.

Coinciding with their new union was Brian having joined as drummer for Violent Femmes, touring three continents and recording both the Happy New Year EP (2015), for which he also designed the packaging, and We Can Do Anything (2016). However, after two and a half years, Viglione felt dissatisfied with the pace and direction of the group and resigned announcing on social media on December 31st 2015 that he was moving forward full-time with Scarlet Sails.

On January 15th 2016, Brian and Olya released the band’s debut 5-song EP, recorded by Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans), the first video for, I’ll Be There, in the spring, then traveled on a 3-week co-headline tour with Nina Diaz of Girl In A Coma in the summer.
Olya joined The Dresden Dolls to sing, Delilah, at the band’s reunion shows in August.

Scarlet Sails followed up with their second video for, Wonder Why, in October, and headed into Brooklyn’s Atlantic Sound Studio in December with Grammy-winning engineering team of Diko Shoturma and Nic Hard to record their first full-length album, Future From The Past.

The album was produced by Brian, with Olya providing many of the string and horn arrangements. “The concept behind the album was, ’What if Queen and Alice Cooper remade OK Computer?’ Recording was an exciting exercise in both impulsivity and executing our vision because we had a lot to capture in a short amount of time. That kind of pressure helped keep the creativity sharp, and focused on capturing performances.”

“Future From The Past is ultimately about embracing the present- It’s about overcoming fear and doubt by making manifest your dreams into the life you want to create now. They're stories about having the guts to risk everything, as well as see the value of staying true to yourself. That kind of inner strength and resolve can be infectious to those around you and help forge that reality. We can reflect on and learn from the past, cast our dreams into the future, but all we’re really given is this moment to live, so accept that invitation.” - Brian Viglione
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