The Bolos, Jesus Sons

The Bolos

Jesus Sons

Sun ยท July 2, 2017

Doors: 4:00 pm / Show: 5:00 pm



This event is 21 and over

Jesus Sons
Jesus Sons
"Have you ever thought about joining a 1960s motorcycle gang? We have. But like, we're wicked scared of road rash and we don't wanna get helmet hair and also leather gets us all rashy. So we're not really cut out for it. Also, time travel hasn't been invented. But in case you've got both a time machine and the desire for life on a hog, we suggest letting this new song from Jesus Sons be your soundtrack.

The [LA] band uses all kinds of vintage equipment to get that badass old school sound. They have a new album coming out on January 28 via Mock Records. You should get it and listen to it with your old lady (that's what you call your girlfriend, btw) while she's blowing you in a truckstop bathroom or whatever."


"With bands everywhere ripping pages out the '60s, Jesus Sons sound as if they could write a whole chapter. The L.A.-based quintet of Brandon Wurtz (ex-Spyrals), Shannon Dean, Bert Hoover, Chance Welton and Erik Lake makes psych-rock with a a garagey flavor and an Americana aftertaste."


The songs that Jesus Sons write serve as explicit documentation of living in modern day America. The lyrics are filled with shady characters from the back streets of San Francisco and beyond. The ones lurking in the shady corners of your local watering hole, taking long drags off their cigarettes. Their breath stained of cheap whiskey. The music is the product of each members' geographical origins colliding together. Two hometown buds from Idaho lay down vocals, guitar, harmonica and drums, two boys from Los Angeles bring in the bass and slide guitar and a lone ranger rings in the tasteful lead guitar and harmonica from Iowa. The five boys of Jesus Sons dust each song with their experiences of growing up in a troubled time. There is an uneasiness underneath their youthful, determined soundtrack for the modern day motorcycle riding, fast driving, whiskey and beer drinking, freedom seeking kids of today and tomorrow.
Venue Information:
428 S Hewitt Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90013