The Goth Ball 2016

Resident & LA Girlfriend Present

The Goth Ball 2016

LA Girlfriend, Nicky Blitz, Disco Shrine

Fri · October 28, 2016

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

The Goth Ball 2016
The Goth Ball 2016
Costumes highly encouraged (you have been warned)
LA Girlfriend
LA Girlfriend
Influenced by the post-punk and new wave movements of the 80s, L.A. Girlfriend explores the darker side of love with a romantic and youthful spirit toward the subject. Through the marriage of analog and digital elements, creator, Sydney Banta, hides emotionally telling stories with danceable melodies worthy of mending any broken heart. Razor-sharp, yet charmingly sweet,
L.A. Girlfriend proves that rejection can be a beautiful thing.
Nicky Blitz
Nicky Blitz
What kind of a fucking name is Nicky Blitz? Let's imagine you've woken from a rough night out,
you check the mirror, you ask yourself, What the hell happened here? That's Nicky Blitz.
Everything about him conjures a sense of panicked mystery. His songs will send you flashbacks of
weirdo house parties and legendary prom nights. They're as elegantly designed as a vintage suit and
as liberating as ripping it off. Think, Patrick Bateman at his high school dance. Instead of going
apeshit with a knife, Blitz's weapons of choice are propulsive beats and melodic hooks. His tunes
are a blend of 50's jukebox rock'n'roll, '60s LA psych, the darkest '70s electro-pop and 90s grunge
The livewire behind it all is multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Nick Scapa. Scapa grew
up in LA's San Fernando Valley, making beats in his teen years and aspiring to work with 50 Cent
and The Neptunes. After Jay Z's former producer Aqua told him to buy an MPC sampler/drum
machine, Scapa began landing placements for big pop stars. In the last few years he's written for
Miley Cyrus ("Liberty Walk") and Icona Pop ("Light Me Up") and done a tonne of commercial
work for major brands. His production team 10K Islands was described as "The Brill Building
meets Sub Pop" by the New York Times.
But Nicky Blitz didn't set out to make commercial music, it's the key to feeding the bigger beast –
his own creations. He's psycho for writting and currently splits time between LA, New York, and
his studio lair in Miami which has been used by everyone from Diplo and Pharrell to Skrillex and
FKA Twigs. Festivals and promoters began booking Blitz due to his reputation for a provocative,
unpredictable live show. Last year he released the five-track Hawk EP. It earned praise from the
likes of NME, Radio X (formerly XFM), Annie Mac at Radio 1, the Guardian and Amazing Radio.
Blitz's rise is inevitable, fuelled by a punk desire to turn nothing into something. There's an
inscrutable power and charisma about him, flashes of Elvis, Nick Cave, Jim Morrison, Talking
Heads, Joy Division, the B-52s and LCD Soundsystem. What kind of a fucking name is Nicky
Blitz? It's just the beginning.
Disco Shrine
Disco Shrine
The dichotomy of Disco Shrine is inherent in their name. Half party, half spiritual devotion to said party. One thing is certain; they are damn serious about having a good time. And that's what their debut EP Soft Fur is all about. Falling in love? Dance it up. Broken heart? Dance it out. Bored? Dance it through. Lazy? Just go home then.

Disco Shrine is the passion project of LA-based natives Jessica Delijani and Tommy Nickerson. You wouldn't expect glittery synth pop, echoey vocals, and funky guitar riffs, born from seasoned veterans of the folk and rock realms, but that's exactly what Disco Shrine is: unpredictable and oxymoronic. Their music demands dancing, but leaves a nostalgic aftertaste for something that's too far gone.
Venue Information:
428 S Hewitt Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90013