STAL (Early Show)

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STAL (Early Show)

J GRGRY, Erik Blood

Sat · February 4, 2017

6:30 pm


This event is 21 and over

Born and raised in the south of France, Pierre-Marie Maulini was a musician from a young age. With his older brother and a couple of friends he played in the band A Red Season Shade and released a debut album in 2006 on swiss label Gentlemen Records. A post-rock effort influenced by Sigur Ros and Explosions in the Sky which led him to meet local shoegaze icon Anthony Gonzalez. It didn’t take them long to become friends and Gonzalez soon asked him to come and play guitars and synths as part of M83 for the tour following the release of their fifth album Saturdays = Youth. The band spent almost 2 years travelling around the world, opening for bands such as Kings Of Leon in the UK or Midnight Juggernauts in Australia, and of course headlining sold out shows all over America!

Back home and enthralled by this experience, Pierre-Marie decided it was time for him to lead his own project. He started recording bedroom demos, then moved to Ireland for a while where renowned sound engineer Patrick Walsh helped him develop his keyboard and synthesizer knowledge and skills. The first demos started spreading in 2011, they defined STAL’s sound as epic with a strong rock energy and a pinch of french touch. On stage, STAL takes the shape of loud power trio with the help of Jeff Di Rienzo and Renaud Rodier on guitar and drums respectively.

STAL is the word for steel in many languages. It evokes the coldness of machines and modern industrial life. But behind this cold varnish STAL’s music reveals itself as harmonious, luminous and somehow exhilarating, its lyrics speaking of the true and simple happiness one can find in life, love and hope.
Joe Gregory is J GRGRY, but J GRGRY isn't Joe Gregory. Let me explain.

As a recording and performing artist, Joe Gregory resides at the intersection of tradition and evolution. After half a lifetime spent making music, he's finally realized his grand vision, perfecting an emotional, accessible style of soaring electro-pop balladry. With a new collection of songs, a new band and a handful of major performances on the horizon, Gregory is simultaneously starting over and staking his claim, building from hard-fought experiences and copious influences a sound that's completely fresh and entirely his own.

In the fall of 2015, Gregory spent a week recording with engineer and producer Robert Cheek at Panoramic Studios in Stinson Beach, California, a laid-back and state-of-the art facility, and another week Cheek's studio inside an old Sonic Boom Records store in Seattle. The strength of Gregory's songs convinced Mark Needham, a veteran of the Los Angeles rock scene who's worked with Steely Dan and the Killers, to engineer. These eight songs define Joe Gregory in the present moment. They echo with the Linn-drum-and-synthesizer songcraft of '80s hitmakers like Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode and Phil Collins, spun anew for an iPhone generation, infused equally with dark ambiance and hummable hooks.

For his recent breakout performances in Seattle and New York, leading to major festival and showcase gigs through the summer and fall, Gregory has drawn together a full band of compatriots. Cheek is on-board, as is powerhouse Seattle guitarist Ryan Leyva and drummer Steven Barci. Like Gregory, each of these players is a veteran of the industry, relentless in their drive to create and share their music. To reflect their contribution to Gregory's vision and the collective effort of four equal individuals, the band performs under the moniker J GRGRY. Less Joe Gregory, more of everyone else.

As personal as J GRGRY's music is, dredged from the heartbreak and desperation of Joe Gregory's past, these songs are also universal, the hallmark of great writing. One after another, they speak to challenge and triumph, addiction and redemption. It's the same all-too-human cycle that has brought J GRGRY, together with their audience, to the here and now.
Erik Blood
Erik Blood
Erik Blood is a Seattle-based producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer/songwriter. His production work and collaborations with some of the Northwest's favorite artists (TheeSatisfaction, Shabazz Palaces, Moondoggies, The Lights, The Turn-Ons among others) have garnered praise from music journalists and fans alike.

In May 2009, Erik Blood released his first solo album "The Way We Live". The album debuted at number one on KEXP's variety chart and was hailed by The Stranger upon it's release: "Crafted with care and expertly produced, The Way We Live seems destined to attain pop-classic status."

Erik next released "Music From the Center of Gravity" - a full-length film soundtrack, his first. Mixing dreamy ambient soundscapes, textured synths, and anchored by three lush pop songs - the score serves as the backdrop to the moody Sao Paolo set film "Centro de Gravidade". Directed by Steven Richter, the film premiered at the Sao Paulo Film Festival in Fall 2011.

After a busy period of producing, mixing, and engineering a variety of projects for artists like Crypts and Stephanie, Erik returned with his second LP "Touch Screens" in 2012. The twelve tracks of "Touch Screens" explore pornography from the points of view of the participants, viewers and creators. Ranging from "blistering shoegazer psych-rock to hazy dream-pop" (Don Yates - KEXP) on "Touch Screens" Erik Blood again demonstrates his formidable skills as a songwriter and a producer.

Erik has recently completed work on Shabazz Palaces highly anticipated follow-up "Lese Majesty" - due out July 29th on Sub Pop, as well as a brand new LP from TheeSatisfaction due out later this year on SubPop. Erik is currently finalizing completion of another film score, as well cooking up another batch of his own material that he is currently previewing in live shows in the Seattle area.
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