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Tomemitsu, Franky Flowers

Thu · March 30, 2017

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Daydreams is an LA act that manages to be uncharacteristically LA in many ways. While themes of suburban ennui and relationships are rampant in the music of Daniel Crook, the sonic soundscape that defined much of the UKs greatest acts of the nineties is the driving force of Daydreams. Especially when giving Daydreams’ latest release a spin, When We Slept In The Treehouse - the dream pop, shoegaze infused tracks paint a portrait that recalls My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins and Lush. Much of When We Slept In The Treehouse is Manchester gloomy in the best kind of way, but yet there is a punch to it - thanks to the savage undertow of the rhythm section present in the album. While the SoCal scene is associated with great acts that celebrate the sunny, drug-fueled partying side of the alternative youth culture here, Daydreams exists in a plane that isn’t really there. The rare LA youth who likes staying in, making music in the bedroom, and wearing all black everything while everyone else is out getting a sun tan out in the beachfront. An image rife with irony, sure - but being ironic is definitely an LA thing. And maybe Daydreams is LA in an ironic sort of way.
Tomemitsu is the lo-fi dreampop project of Echo Park hired hand Martin Roark. A multi instrumentalist and bedroom producer/engineer, Tomemtisu has worked with and performed in bands like So Many Wizards, Dark Waves, Basement Babies, Trabants, and has toured internationally as a supporting musician. After releasing his debut album on Chill Mega Chill Records in 2013, Tomemitsu gained attention for standout tracks "In Dreams" and "Runaway", which were licensed for the web-series High Maintenance. Since appearing on the series, now on HBO, Tomemitsu's appeal spread worldwide with two stellar releases in 2016: "In Dreams," now at over a million plays on Spotify, was remixed by the Berlin DJ super-group RSS Disco and a 12" vinyl single was released by Mireia Records in Germany. "Loaf Eye", the sophomore album by Tomemitsu, was also released to positive review and a successful college radio campaign, debuting in the top 50 on CMJ.

With a pastiche that combines world rhythms, dreamy blends of acoustic and electric guitars, diverse nods to punk and ambient sounds, and intimately whispered lyrics, Tomemitsu has created a sound that even the prolific underground pop hero, Frankie Cosmos, can't resist, "It's really beautiful! You can quote me on that." Tomemitsu has performed along such esteemed acts as Flo Morrissey, Lake, Tennis System, Samira's Infinite Summer, Post Life, Hit Bargain, Michael Vidal, Shitgiver, Black Sea, Pastel Felt.
Franky Flowers
"Franky Flowers is a group I have heard mentioned before but never actually listened to until I saw them perform. Their stage presence wasn't anything particularly unique before they started but they possessed the young, super cool air about them that a few groups have today, most of which were at this show. Things changed for me when they began playing, that's when I heard a smooth possessing sound you wouldn't expect from a group of underage musicians. Immediately my first impression was shattered as I stood there filming/taking photos but mostly just lost in their performance. At the end of the first song I turned to my friend Kelly and said "damn, I'm into it" and she nodded with a smile. The rest of the set was song after song that impressed me more and more. The lead singer had a strong stage presence reminding me of an early Kurt Cobain with his hair in his eyes and intense relationship with his songs and guitar. This group reminded me that you can't always classify people by their age, something that I was often a victim of when I was a little younger. These were no longer "a group of underage musicians" that I originally labeled them as, they were a group of talented artists that have become a new source of musical satisfaction for me. YOU MUST GO LISTEN!"
-Low Fidelity
Venue Information:
428 S Hewitt Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90013