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Jinkx Monsoon, Cassandra Moore, Barbie's Addiction

Wed · April 26, 2017

8:00 pm

$15.00 - $20.00

This event is 21 and over

In a Canadian suburb, at a convenience store that smells subtly of urine, two teenagers wait to buy cigarettes from the only clerk in the neighborhood who never asks for proof of age.

Sarcastic and groggy, the kids get to talking about their mutual affinities for Zelda and songwriter Lily Allen, who has recently come to prominence via MySpace. They introduce themselves to each other as Kara and Bobby, and barely a week goes by until the pair are congregating regularly at Kara's house on Raintree Lane, where they help themselves to anything they can find in her mom's medicine cabinet, and begin to throw together their first original songs.

Soon enough, the duo realize that their town's music scene doesn't extend far past bands covering Sublime songs at sports bars. Kara’ s neighbor suggests that they take the train into the city to perform at "Elvis Mondays", an open mic night of repute for Toronto bands.

Embracing the suggestion, Kara and Bobby find a sort of musical home at “Elvis Mondays”, and begin to craft their sound. They start to accept other gigs opening for drag queens, and performing at Mediterranean restaurants that would later get shut down for violating government health regulations.

Kara begins to come into her own as a front woman, eliciting praise around the city for her range and stage presence. Bobby, extremely focused on songwriting, finds his voice as a lyricist, drafting candid songs about sexual frustration, bacne, nihilism and his struggle with clinical depression.

Finally formulating a sound that felt distinctive (Gorillaz meets early Madonna), the two are convinced of their readiness and seek out a producer who can help them craft a garage-inspired album that they know needs to resonate with a generation that has shifted its attention away from bands and over to DJ's and hip hop.

Soon, K.I.D connects with producer Mike Crossey, of The 1975, Wolf Alice, Arctic Monkeys and Foals infamy. Tweeting their song ‘ I Wish I Was Your Cigarette’ at him piques his interest, and a meeting at a K.I.D show in London seals the deal. “We didn’t have sex!” they squeal, but they sure make beautiful music. By February 2016 they’ re holed up for three months in an LA studio making a dazzling accidental concept album.

Bobby: “It’ s an odyssey through the different stages of our mental unrest.”

Kara: “It touches on anxiety, depression...”

Bobby: “...insomnia, agoraphobia...”

Kara: “...over-eating...”

Bobby: “...sexual frustration...”

Kara: “...body issues...”

Bobby notes, “It’ s basically complaining but I don’ t think it sounds whiney. There are definitely a lot of relationship stories that go into it but the songs always come back to how the relationship is contributing to an already-existing self-loathing.”

Revelation moment. When K.I.D sings of prescriptions, masturbation, video games, petty theft or booze-fuelled teenage sex it’ s no shock gimmick. It’ s a blank gaze at Generation Why? that acts as distraction from a deeper rooted ennui, personal insecurities and the chronically dysfunctional relationships of youth.

“A lot of the songs have dual meanings, there’ s a very blunt narrative and then there’ s always this slightly more thought-out underlying meaning which will usually be some kind of political statement or social acknowledgement,” says Bobby.

So when the effervescent ‘ Boy’ finds Kara singing of “filthy dreams” fulfilled in bar bathrooms, it’ s to “put my anxious heart to rest”. When new single ‘ Errors’ - and its video involving self-help crazes and prostitution - talks of lethargy, medication and “watching pornography all day”, it’ s a comment on being part of “the first ever generation where one in five people are on anti-depressants and pharmacists are the new drug dealers. Who’s even doing illegal drugs anymore?”

From the hallucinogenic highs of ‘ Crystal Universe’ to the desperate depths of being stuck in the one-sided, soul-sucking relationship detailed in ‘ Taker’ - “I gave you transcendental love, drove you round and bought your drugs,”Kara implores, “taker, when you gonna give a little?” - it’ s a vital howl of ultra-modern alt-pop disillusion.

“It’ s too early in our lives for us to tell people that everything’s gonna be okay and end with that message, because we don’ t know that yet, we haven’t received that confirmation,” says Bobby. “I don’ t know if everything is gonna be okay so there’ s no need to bullshit everybody. We’ re gonna pick up somewhere totally different but this is where we’ re starting off.”

Fade out on Bobby and Kara plotting “a really gross, irreverent, nihilistic pop show” for their next tour, their K.I.D coming of age but still wracked with uncertainty. Unhappy ending with a hint of redemption and a glimmer of super-powers; the perfect set-up for a string of blockbuster sequels.
Jinkx Monsoon
Jinkx Monsoon
Jerick Hoffer graduated summa cum laude with a degree in theatrical performance from Cornish College in Seattle. His talented peers are singing his praises, but his overbearing and impudent persona, known as Jinkx Monsoon on season five of RuPaul's Drag Race, didn't go for the academic hype. Jinkx wanted to be famous, not smarter than everyone, and she succeeded.

Influenced by a grandmother with charm school polish, Hoffer learned to combine the sophistication of a southern belle with the crass behavior of a working girl. Jinkx is all about contrasts and what RuPaul describes as "a stage left, off center kind of quality." With ten years experience on stage, Hoffer is a seasoned Portland-born entertainer who has captured the attention of his native northwest region.

The creation of Jinkx was complicated. "From the movie Death Becomes Her, I was inspired by the crazy extent vain women will go for eternal youth, beauty, and power," Hoffer explains. "Through Lucille Ball I saw how a woman can bring you to tears with laughter with nothing more than a look. Through the Disney villains I was raised with, I saw how powerful a woman can be, and yet so deliciously evil. And through my mom, I saw not only the trials and tribulations a single mother faces every day, but also the strength and determination a woman can possess when she is trying to provide a bright future for her children."

Extraordinarily real, some audiences have not yet decided whether Jinkx is a woman or a drag queen. Combatting humble beginnings, struggling for social status, raising a homosexual son striving for fame as a comedian, this well-developed character has attained more than acclaim, but a life of her own.

As early as 2006, Hoffer appeared as the lead dancer in the world's largest drag queen chorus line, which made the Guinness Book of World Records. By 2012, he had advanced to roles in Seattle theaters, playing Moritz in "Spring Awakening" (produced by Balagan Theatre) and Angel in "RENT" (produced by The 5th Avenue Theatre). In 2013, Hoffer will play Hedwig in "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" (produced by Balagan Theatre and Seattle Theatre Group). A trained singer, Hoffer is half of the musical duo The Vaudevillians, a 1920s revival act.

The Jinkx Monsoon personality is a manifestation of years of practice, a career endeavor that began when Hoffer was fifteen. "She is definitely a zany, off the wall, irreverent, gorgeous anachronism," Hoffer adds. "She simply refuses to let her audience sit idol; she is a powerhouse of song and comedy, igniting her audiences in a frenzy of laughter and sexual tension."

Jinkx Monsoon is one of the brightest stars on the drag circuit.
Cassandra Moore
Cassandra Moore
Meet the future of drag and female impersonation! With a degree in theatre performance from Ryerson University and a comprehensive dedication to nightlife and the queer community, Cassandra is a force to be reckoned with. Blessed with a figure to die for and looks to kill Cassandra represents the new generation of drag: fierce performance from an ideal, yet realistic beauty. “I wear outfits real girls would never dare to wear.” Cassandra has an insatiable hunger for performance and her love of the theatre permeates all of her drag shows. “I’m interested in creating something provocative as well as entertaining.” A hardworking talent, Cassandra is always interested in growth and new challenges. Her interests include film, music of all genres, theatre, dance and fashion. Cassandra is an artist with great depth and all of her work is backed by a fierce intelligence.
Cassandra is surrounded by an incredible team, including choreographer Paul Charbonneau, who has brought Cassandra’s shows and her own dance talent to a whole new level. A regular performer at the famous Woody’s in Toronto, Canada, where much of the American series Queer as Folk was filmed, Cassandra got her start at Crews & Tangos and was a regular performer at the infamous Fly Nightclub. She is a resident at Club Lavish in London, Ontario and is an annual performer for Rapture Pride in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Her performance influences include Lady GaGa and Nicki Minaj. She is often compared to Pussycat Doll frontrunner Nicole Scherzinger. Cassandra is a unique performer; she is a hostess, actor, dancer, singer, and nightclub performer. Cassandra’s shows never fail to entertain and her insatiable appetite for the stage makes her audiences crave Moore!
“I count myself so lucky to be able to show the world something that is so challenging and provocative. Drag has been around for centuries and there’s no greater transformation for a performance artist to undertake. It’s about curiosity and the future, and there’s no limit to the work that I can do.”
Barbie's Addiction
Barbie's Addiction
Barbie's Addiction Dance Trio is LA's 1st and only Premier GAY dance act that Headlines their own shows all over LA, West Hollywood, Las Vegas and San Francisco! As well as touring nationally and Internationally on their "Get Addicted" Promo Tour! the Barbie's have worked and/or performed with such people as Shangela, Raja and Chad Michaels of Rupauls Drag Race, Paris Hilton, Kelly Osbourn, Selena Gomes, Carmit Bachar of Pussycat Dolls, Demi Lovato, Perez Hilton, Kimberly Caldwell of American Idol and MORE! Individually, members of Barbie's Addiction can be seen on TV for Glee, Beyonce's Girls Run the World MV, Florence & the Machine, Lil Mama, the Xfactor, Shania Twain, Leave it the Floor Jimmy Kimmel, Disney Channel's Camp Rock 2, Bring it on (all or nothing), the AMA's, and Disaster Movie featuring Kim Kardashian! Want to see Barbie's Addiction Live in a Gayborhood near you? then PLZ email Barbiesaddiction@gmail.com! booking is only an email away! #GetAddicted
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