Beating Lights Presents


Quiet Oaks, Small Forward, Mise En Scene

Mon · April 10, 2017

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

The most unexpected thing happened when Casey Trela packed up his car in North Carolina heading west for Los Angeles. He turned on the radio and heard himself. It was not music he had written or recorded, yet still he knew it to be his own. He heard his voice and the hum of his guitar and recognized them as immediately as he would his own reflection. He changed the station only to find another mysterious song of his own creation. Song after song poured from the speakers; song after song his own.

When Casey grew tired of his own thoughts he picked up a mustachioed hitchhiker, Kevin Manwarren, headed for Oklahoma. The radio remained audible though Casey would not let on the secret of the music’s origin. Instead, after many miles of silence, Kevin spoke up. He said, “You’ll think me mad - I think me mad - but I swear that is me playing bass. In this song. In all these songs. I don’t know how, but it is me.” Of course, Casey did not think him mad. “I am just as certain it is you.” Oklahoma came and went, Kevin stayed with Casey.

At a truck stop in the middle of who-knows-where they met Roxy Radulescu, and immediately knew she was destined to join them. She was less certain, at least at first. But upon hearing a single verse emanate from Casey’s automobile she plucked her personal belongings from the cab and abandoned the 18-wheel big rig she rode in on, joining them on their fateful journey.

The deejay called them TUFT, and so they were, ever more.

Introducing TUFT, the music.

(written by Ben Axelrad)
Quiet Oaks
Quiet Oaks
Consisting of members:

Dane Sandberg, Spencer Sayer, Jon Butler, & Mike Moon

The group plays a unique form of rock and roll. They maintain a rowdy and chaotic energy, while providing a familiar and welcoming sound. The members of Quiet Oaks have played music together for many years. Although they are a new project, the group has an undeniable connection to what they do, and how they play together. Gaining popularity due to their raucous live show.

Quiet Oaks debut EP 'Put Your Dreams Where They Belong' was released on September 18, 2015.
Small Forward
Small Forward
Highland Park, CA

Just a couple of '93s and '94s making music for our families.
Michael, Rounak, Nick, & Campbell
Mise En Scene
Venue Information:
428 S Hewitt Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90013