The Night Game

Resident Presents

The Night Game

Sure Sure, Bad Wave

Mon · April 24, 2017

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

The Night Game
The Night Game
Hailing from a small town outside of Boston Massachusetts, The Night Game illuminates the union between muscle and emotion in modern music. Much like the name, they can only be seen in special circumstances...for now.

Co-producer Francois Tetaz explains further "It’s a reoccurring dream that floats above you every night. And when you wake, its the first thing to occupy your mind.You want it, and you almost have it in hand - but somehow you never seem to reach it. It might be a memory. Or it could simply be a feeling; a state of mind. But you know it’s still out there in the field of dreams - calling out your name."

"The Outfieild" introduces The Night Game with a combination of lush guitars and arena - size drums and synths and an irresistible refrain made to be chanted over and over.
Sure Sure
Sure Sure
Sure Sure plays warm, groovy tunes for folks who want to pop off. They used to be called Jr.

"Sure Sure is a quartet who works a rich seam of splindly guitars with lush string arrangements. Songs like "New Biome" and "The Expert" are unique in how they hone art pop sensibilities, with smooth melodic contours and backwoods harmonies that faintly evoke bands like Grizzly Bear and Field Music. And do I hear some bossa nova chords embedded into the mix? Their measured style is an uncommon one, and all the better for it, seeing as their first singles exhibit an attention to songcraft that is smart, inventive, and undeniably catchy." - The Deli Magazine

"Better than Jr." - Mick

"Sure Sure answers questions you didn't know you had yet." - Mark Twain
Venue Information:
428 S Hewitt Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90013