LSD And The Search For God

Resident Presents

LSD And The Search For God

LEAF, Clear

Tue · October 24, 2017

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

LSD And The Search For God
LSD And The Search For God
LSD and the Search for God hit the Northern California coast in 2005––seemingly
from another place and time––dosing audiences with hypnotic performances built
upon swirling guitars, otherworldly drones, fuzzed-out pop melodies, and dreamy
male/female vocal harmonies. As reviews of shows drew comparisons to My Bloody
Valentine, Slowdive, Yo La Tengo, Spacemen 3, and Sonic Youth, the band quickly
developed a must-see reputation within San Francisco’s underground psychedelic
music community.
LSD's self-titled debut EP (Mind Expansion Records, 2007) sold out from the record
label and its distributors prior to the official release date. It earned critical acclaim
and frequently appears on lists of essential shoegaze releases. The EP was twice
reissued on vinyl (Deep Space Recordings, 2008, 2015) and twice on cassette (Cellar
Door Tapes, 2015). Songs from the EP were featured on three compilations: Mind
Expansion Vol. 1, M.E. Vol. 2, and Australian nugazer compilation Take Me on the
Wildest Spree (Rubber Records/EMI, 2008).
In 2006 legendary Creation Records band The Telescopes invited LSD to joins as
they embarked on their first-ever U.S. tour. This tour was the beginning of multiple
U.S. tours and a Paris show with both bands over the years, with Andy Liszt and
Chris Fifield performing as members of both LSD and The Telescopes each night.
This collaboration led to two Telescopes recording projects in Los Angeles and
resulted in two records: the acclaimed EP, Harm (Neon Sigh 2014), and a 7” single,
Thrown (Genjing Records 2015).
LSD remained busy over the next few years writing, recording, and performing
around the U.S. and Canada. Highlights include gigs with Lilys, a tour with Martin
Rev (Suicide), two tours with Sonic Boom (of Spacemen 3), and performances at
Levitation-- Austin Psych Fest (2013), Bathysphere (2013) with A Place To Bury
Strangers, and SoCal's Desert Stars (2008 and 2014), first with Black Rebel
Motorcycle Club and then with The Dandy Warhols.
In 2016 LSD released Heaven Is a Place (Deep Space Records), which captured a
snapshot in time soon after the addition of Ricky Maymi (Brian Jonestown
Massacre) on drums. Like the previous EP, Heaven garnered critical acclaim and
showed up on Best Of lists, with Pop Matters calling it, "a long-awaited sermon for
the faithful and a blazing induction for new converts." The vinyl version has since
sold out and is scheduled for re-press in summer of 2017 (Deep Space Recordings).
In 2016 supporting their new release LSD toured the U.S. West Coast, Canada, and
twice in Europe, including performances at Manchester's Cosmosis Festival (w/ The
Jesus and Mary Chain), Portugal's Reverence Valada (w/ The Damned, The Oh Sees,
and Silver Apples), Calgary's Garbage Daze, and California's Desert Daze (w/ Brian
Jonestown Massacre).

2017 plans for the band include U.S. and Canadian shows before heading back into
the recording studio later in the year.
-- Mind Expansion / Deep Space Recordings
Alternative Antidotal Bio:
LSD and the Search for God have become a cult band in their own right. Their sound
weaves heavily around the shoegaze genre with both front-man Andy Liszt and
guitarist, Chris Fifield congregating about 50 effects pedals between them, this
positioned the duo as both elegant dancers as well as musicians - it was a real multi-
discipline art.
As LSD and the Search for God took to the stage, faces curiously gazed upwards as
the mass of effects pedals and musical equipment was packed tightly onto a stage
that held five of the members of the group. Swirling jitters began to emerge from
Fifield’s amplifier before the group came crashing in behind it, hurtling through
tracks from the new EP. Songs such as ‘(I Don’t Think We Should) Take It Slow’
demonstrated their accuracy in finding the groove and the ease as to which LSD
could capture the crowd’s imagination and attention. Bodies swayed in time with
the gentle, fuzzy washes that wrapped their loving arms around you, it was a hazy
red wine moment that was ultimately so immersive it had the potential to transport
you to other realms.
The set bended and warped through psychedelic bliss, fuzzy wah effects shaked and
vibrated the volume and sound of the guitars, every movement, tap and shimmy on-
stage was essential, demonstrating the exceptionally careful musicianship of the
duo. Songs such as ‘Starting Over’ evidenced the sensitive, delicate approach that
LSD can often take.
Crazed and incensed punters at the front of the crowd dictated spaces to writhe
themselves around in, one chap took to taking his top off, letting his spilling gut
loose and continuing to throw his head towards the monitor, just incase it was not
loud enough. It’s characters like this that make gigs so exciting, he personified the
cultish appeal that LSD have and put some real endearment into the show.
LSD and the Search for God came about and then instantly descended into obscurity
allowing them to be every hipster’s hard-on. What they proved tonight though was
their utter worth and credit to the shoegaze genre, they add their own, distinct
flavour on a genre that can often be so overwhelmed with try-hards. After meeting
them as a group afterwards, a perfect way to summarise is to mirror the words of
Liszt and yell, “Right on, LSD!”
Venue Information:
428 S Hewitt Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90013