Genocide Organ, Hive Mind, Liebestod

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Genocide Organ, Hive Mind, Liebestod

Hive Mind, Liebestod

Sat · July 21, 2018

8:00 pm


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Genocide Organ
Genocide Organ
The leading group in the German industrial scene, Genocide Organ joined forces in 1985 and two members eventually set up the notorious label Tesco Organisation. They have become a cult name among the followers of industrial music worldwide, due to their uncompromising attitude, brutal sounds and presentation, as well as the provocative and "politically incorrect" attitude. Their live performances are rare and legendary, involving metal junk and blow torches to build the definitive wall of industrial noise. Almost all Genocide Organ records are out of print and, due to the small number of copies pressed and the luxurious packages, are sought-after collector items.

Genocide Organ members are wrapped in mystery, the real names are unknown, during their live performances they are used to wearing masks and hoods to hide their identities. Records are credited to the pseudonyms of Wilhelm Herich, Doc M. Riot and D.A.X. Roland Freisler (now active as Diutesc) was one of the two live frontmen together with Wilhelm Herich; in the band since 1989, he left the band in 1999 and his role has been taken by Brigant Moloch of Anenzephalia.

Another member of the band was Ray Treatment who was in the band from 1986-1987.
Hive Mind
Hive Mind
Whatever rise to the synthesizer came later on in the ‘00s is hardly of any concern to Greh Holger and his Hive Mind project. Having released private press cassettes of solo synth works as far back as 2002, Hive Mind exists as enigmatic in world of new-jack synthheads and the tidal wave of “neo kosmische” that goes with it by flying far under it’s radar.

No blisscapes to be found here. No soaring latched arpeggios, no cosmic vistas. Not a single melody. This is two sides of ancestral ruin in its clearest and most focused presentation. The brutality of the Earth and the harsh reality of all that it holds. Unknowable sounds - that of the dawn of the Earth, or perhaps the sound of its demise. A toxic swamp of chemicals and mutated organisms left behind long after man has wiped himself away for good. Field recordings from the end of the world.

While others are racing for the stars, Hive Mind’s tetonic plate shifting and brutal rumble will give you a brand new way to look at modern synthesizer composition with a focus on textural sounds and shifting frequency registers.
Through a trickle of underground releases and rare live performances, Jesse Sanes has finessed sonic anguish as LIEBESTOD. From a base in Los Angeles, LIEBESTOD exhumes a caustic, corroded alloy of industrial rhythms, grotesque field recordings and paranoid electronics, executed with a cold martial brusqueness.

Culled from the foggy heights of European industrial, the sound palate of LIEBESTOD sees an invigorating breadth and depth for the genre: from the swirling symbiosis of acoustic clamor with scrupulous atmospherics in the vain of Maria Zerfall, to the commanding churns of pre ­9/11 power electronics. Methodical high­end assaults and a choir of tortured voices sing volatile fables of isolation. Recorded and live, LIEBESTOD’s meticulous and practiced compositions could be stand­out tracks on any State Art or Loki Foundation compilation, sending listeners into a vast chasm of brooding tension and fear.
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